Thursday, May 15, 2008


Indian IT professionals have flare for web application they are divided into many sectors some of them are like Web Designers, Web Programmers, Program Developers, and Site Developers. They are keen software developers who can beat the world wide software sector. The work of a web developer is to develop a web site. For this he must have a keen knowledge of HTML and JAVA. A web designer before developing a web site first develops a program for his site which he going to develop, this program is developed regarding the title which has been provided to him. For this he has to make a study of the title plus as the material which has been provided to him. Because a web designer is going to design a site which is going to seen by the whole world, for this he has to keep many things in his mind.

Indian web designers and software developers offer outside software development services. For designing a web site a Web Designer is required who designs a web site, but for the contents or the text which is to be entered on the web site for that content writer is required who writes a content or text. Then comes a programmer developer who develop a program according to the web site, as where should the text be placed and were is to be the image regarding the text should be placed as the web site if viewed by people all over the world looks attractive. Then comes the Web Programmer who programs the Web site as the site is opened in a very shot time it doesn’t take too much of time in downloading, the site is properly designed and systematic. And at last come’s the Site developers who develops the site and works on it. As Indian software developers provide offshore services they have to be very alert.

Developing a web site or a program is not a easy task. For this developers have to work a lot on it. As they have to go test the program, ant errors in the program, errors in the site. As Information Technology sector is growing day by day new technologies are being developed which is making the work of developers easier. Many programs have been developed which have made the work of all the developers very easy.

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