Thursday, November 22, 2012

Type of Developers

When you think about developers what is the first think that comes in your mind. There are many common developers like home, land, songs, book and many more but we will talk about web developers. When it comes to web, the term describes World Wide Web. As per my small research there are some common but different platforms of web like Writer, Designer, Producer, Developer, and freelancer and might be many other more. As everybody knows there are no formal educational or licensure requirements to become a web developer. However, many colleges and trade schools offer coursework in web development. Even though there is no formal education but to have advance knowledge they need to work on HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Server/Client side architecture, Programming/Coding/Scripting in one of the many server-side frameworks and Ability to utilize a database. You can see web developers working in every field and places like large corporations and governments, small and medium sized companies and there are different areas which they work web graphic design, interface design, authoring; including standardized code and proprietary software and user experience design. Web developers can be divided in two which are Client side and server side coding but there are many requirements for both type of coding client plus server. The world of web is never been stagnant it keep changing as per the style and trends in the world. As per The law of demand, other things remaining same, the quantity demanded of a good increases when its price falls and vice-versa. Note that demand for goods changes as a consequence of changes in income, tastes etc. Hence, demand may expand or contract and increase or decrease hence there hopes of a bright future of web developers.

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